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Crap From The Past - August 12, 2005: Thank God I don't live in Kansas

Published August 12, 2005

A pop music radio show for people who already know plenty about pop music, hosted by Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber and heard every Friday night from 10:30 to midnight on KFAI-FM, 90.3 FM Minneapolis, 106.7 FM St. Paul, and


Here is a listing of all shows saved to date and a listing of all the playlists to date.

WEIRD SCIENCE - Oingo Boingo (1985)
PRIMITIVE MAN - Ivan Neville (1988)
ROLL AND ROLL CREATION - Spinal Tap (1984)
DO ANYTHING - Natural Selection (1991)
HEARTS DON'T THINK (THEY FEEL) - Natural Selection (1991)
GRAVITY - James Brown (1986)
GIRL U WANT - Devo (1980)
RELIGION AND POLITICS - Scott Beach (1976)
SHE BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE - Videogame Group (1983) **Senseless brutality**
DISSIDENTS - Thomas Dolby (1984)
DEAR MR. JESUS - Powersource featuring Sharon (1986)
EUGENE - Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band (1980)
TROGLODYTE - Jimmy Castor Bunch (1972)


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